Start Your Floorball Programs Today!

Attention ALL Schools, Hockey Associations and Community Centers in BC

BC Floorball development partner Floorball Academy Plus has launched a new training, development and equipment supply portal:

contact to . . . → Read More: Start Your Floorball Programs Today!

Potential Apparel NHL Charity Hockey Game


BC Floorball, and Next Genr8n Floorball team up to support Potential Apparel’s upcoming Charity Hockey Game…

Potential Apparel NHL Charity Hockey Game. Minor Hockey $10 Discount code;


We are delighted to introduce the first annual Potential Apparel Charity Hockey Game on Friday July 25th at 6:30pm, and we would love it if you could be a part of this historic . . . → Read More: Potential Apparel NHL Charity Hockey Game

Vancouver’s new Floorball Coach


Simon Sare, Swedish Floorball Coach in Vancouver- A Repost from Interview at the number 1 Floorball blog in the Americas.

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We heard that they have a new Coach in Vancouver. So we checked in with him. His name is Simon Sare and he happens to be from a town in Sweden, . . . → Read More: Vancouver’s new Floorball Coach

Program Update- Hockey Jam Sessions


We have recently met up with National Floorball Team player Faez Kanji, to learn about his Hockey Jam Sessions progress and how Floorball is working out.

BCFF: What is Hockey Jams?

FK: Hockey Jam Sessions is a skills development program for Vancouver youth.

BCFF: How did it start? What is your mission?

FK: We recognized a new wave of . . . → Read More: Program Update- Hockey Jam Sessions

Youth Floorball Games


Fall Season is upon us, Floorball programs are beginning…Here is a list of some of the community center Programs around the lower mainland. We have a new League starter kit package for those of you interested in bringing Floorball to your school, hockey association or community center. BC Floorball is committed to making your . . . → Read More: Youth Floorball Games