What is Floorball

What is Floorball?

Floorball is played using a stick with a curved and concave plastic blade. The shaft is shorter than a traditional ice-hockey stick and round, which makes it very maneuverable.  Sticks are very light.  A FloorBall resembles a whiffle ball, but has more performance built-in.



The big difference between floorball and floor hockey is that the rules of floorball do not allow for any high sticking, stick contact or body contact, so the game tends to be less physical and more skill oriented, fast paced.  The equipment also makes it very user friendly and safe.

Floorball is a light impact hockey sport.  The equipment was designed, on purpose, to be gym floor friendly.  BC Floorball operates Floorball programming on the most sophisticated and precious gym floors across the Province;  Richmond Olympic Oval, UNBC, Langley Events Center, West Vancouver Community Center etc.  LEED certified facilities enjoy the light-impact, non-marking characteristics of Floorball sticks.  Floorball sticks DO NOT damage floors. The rule of thumb, is…if it works for basketball, it works for floorball.  contact info@bcfloorball.com to receive more information who have 25 years of research, from the International Floorball Federation and testimonials from Gym across the world.

Floorball is a fun, quick, and active sport. It provides a great workout in a fun environment






Floorball is a form of indoor/outdoor/anywhere Hockey!  It is the fastest and safest brand of Hockey by far.  Players wear no equipment.  All you need to play is a lightweight Stick and a Ball.  It resembles Floor Hockey but the differences are vast.  Firstly, the sticks are very responsive and ergonomically correct.  Secondly, the rules are sanctioned by an International governing body called The IFF (International Floorball Federation). Thirdly,  Floorball is the fastest growing team sport on the planet and is played in over 80 countries receiving full IOC recognition in 2011.