BC Floorball is a Provincial Sport Organization that aims to breathe new life in to the school, community center, and street recreation of Floor Hockey/Ball Hockey.  Floorball is part of the global movement to sportify indoor/outdoor hockey in a fashion that makes it safe, affordable, accessible and dynamic for everyone.  It’s a thrilling new twist on an old game.  New equipment, a smarter ball and a highly organized rules and development system allow for a hybrid hockey game that teaches all facets of physical literacy and healthy competition in Sport.  Floorball is a highly addictive sport activity, pick up a Floorball stick and give it a try.

BC Floorball operates WheelchairFloorball.com and JuniorFloorball.com

BC Floorbaall has brought Floorball school hockey to over 200 school gyms and over 10,000 players.

BC Floorball is governed by a Central Board of Directors and is a registered Non-Profit Organization- Society #S51571





BC Floorball Federation-/BC Floorball-/BCFF is the recognized Provincial Sport Organization(PSO) for the Sport of Floorball in British Columbia, and proud member of viaSport BC.

The objectives of BC Floorball are:

a) to promote and develop the sport of Floorball in British Columbia;
b) to promote and co-ordinate the development of participants, coaches, officials and administrators in the sport of Floorball in British Columbia;
c) to establish, administer and enforce rules and regulations governing the sport of Floorball in British Columbia;
d) to promote and encourage participation in the sport of Floorball in British Columbia as a means of improving physical fitness, and encouraging the development of leadership and sportsmanship qualities in its participants;
e) to promote and encourage public awareness of the sport of floorball in the British Columbia and the role of the Corporation;
f) to act as the official member association representing BC at Floorball Canada

Floorball in BC and across Canada has three main Goals:

  • to be a mainstream school sport played in every school in Canada
  • to successfully integrate Floorball with Ice Hockey Skills development models
  • to be a contender at the International Level- World Floorball Championships, Olympics, Special Olympics, Youth Olympics, World University Games and all Multi-Sport Games where Floorball is played.Floorball is a true sport for everyone, and we are on a mission to share all the wonderful benefits of Floorball with ALL Canadians.

Board of Directors

Blair Zimmerman- President

Andy Nguyen- Treasurer

Greg Beaudin-Executive Director

Aeron McKie- Secretary

Greg Rozitis- Director

Michael Lindgren- Director

Scott McWilliam- Director

Alex Toulemonde- Director


Rob Armstrong

Phil Knapp

Karl Marits

Stephanie Allam

Dr. Jonathan Koo




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