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At BC Floorball, we partner with Modern Hockey, Team BC players, National Team players and European instructors to bring our Floorball roadshow to gyms across BC. Our application form for our SCHOOL TOUR can be downloaded here: BCFloorballSchool-tour

What is Floorball

Floorball is a fun, safe, and faced paced form of floor hockey; developed in the 1970’s in Sweden. The game is played indoors on a gym floor with lightweight sticks, and rules that make game play much safer than tradition floor hockey.  That’s why we call it FloorHockey+ (viaFloorball)

The game of Floorball is used in a variety of Hockey Canada’s Development Programs as an off-ice training tool.

Brief Floorball Rules

  • Sticks must remain below waist
  • Ball is played below knee level at all times
  • No body contact, no blocking/screening of opposing players
  • Stick on body contact or stick on stick contact is not permitted
  • No blocking, lifting or locking of opponents stick.
  • Free hits, similar to free kicks in soccer, are given for rule infractions
  • No off-sides or icing calls
  • Game is played with 5 players and 1 goalie per team on the court at one time

*For complete Floorball rules CLICK HERE


The Stick

Floorball sticks are engineered for superior stick handling, ball control, and shooting. They are light weight, inexpensive, durable and non marking. A floorball stick should reach 2CM above the belly button.

The Ball

The official ball is 72 mm in diameter, weighs 23 g, and is made of hard plastic with 26 evenly distributed holes. It is similar to a whiffle ball but it has dimples like a golf ball and is more rigid(tough) and flies on a more consistent path than a whiffle ball.

The Players and Goalie

Floorball players do not wear any protective equipment; only a t-shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes are required.
Floorball goaltenders do not use sticks. They play on their knees, blocking shots with their hands and body. A Floorball net is The goals are 160 cm wide by 115 cm high, similar to the size of a hockey net.
Teams are permitted to 5 players and a goalie on the court at one time.

Why Play Floorball?

  • Fast paced game focuses on stickhandling, hand-eye coordination, passing, and positioning
  • Excellent cardiovascular exercise
  • Easy to play in any gymnasium
  • Great off ice training for hockey players
  • Rules designed for player safety

*To Download the International Floorball Federation Youth Start Up Kit: Teaching Floorball to Juniors Floorball Youth Start Up Kit