Valued BC Floorball Members & Hopeful Members,

BC Floorball is proud to be the recognized governing body for floorball in British Columbia and the only recognized Provincial Sport Organization in Canada. In addition, BC Floorbal has won 3 Floorball Canada National Championship Titles (2008, 2009, 2011).
We are a unified and democratic organization representing and supporting all legitimate systems of floorball and its different sport expressions. Our activities are non-discriminatory, and value-based.

We are not-for-profit and professionally managed in the progressive development of procedures, standards, and programs. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment for all of our members in their pursuit of the federation’s common goals.

We believe that floorball is an enjoyable life-long activity for all individuals. Its many facets include, but are not limited to, sport, social interaction, character development, fitness & health, recreation, friendly competition, and a way of life… Through Floorball we learn to teach and promote values of respect, discipline, self-control, truth, harmony, perseverance and responsibility as an individual and a member of a group or team. BC Floorball operates on
the principles of democracy, respect, fairness accountability, equal opportunity, openness and accessibility for all.

Our mandate includes the provision of coach and athlete development programs designed to improve the quality of the provincial delivery system, as well as recognizing the value & importance of the parent & volunteer…in the context of Canada Sport for Life(CS4L) and the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) models.  We are committed to providing all bc schools with the necessary means to co-ordinate school floorball programs for our youth members.

Through our assorted programming and leadership, BC Floorball  in cooperation with our affiliates, support the development of floorball and aspirations of our members by offering innovative & high-quality opportunities approved by you the member. We aim to provide equitable and consistent opportunities and services to all regions of the province, a level of balance between both developmental programs and sustainable high performance opportunities, a safe, ethical, technically sound and athlete-centered environment for all citizens of the province interested in participating, and accountability to our members, accountable to our sponsors and corporate supporters and accountable to government as a provider of public funds to further PSO objectives.

Ultimately our goal is to promote continued and sustainable floorball and community development and overall growth for our game throughout all regions of British Columbia. In order to achieve this goal we must ensure all partners are working in collective harmony while embracing BC Floorball’s Mission and Vision as summarized above.

Many thanks to you all and we, as an association, look forward to continuing our working relationships to develop our great game in British Columbia and Canada.


Member Services Team
BC Floorball

What you can expect as a member of the BC Floorball Federation?

BC Floorball through all our affiliates, are committed & energized to provide the best services possible to our members. Our continued focus toward on the field of play development is echoed through our commitment of excellence to all our members. We have compiled this information to highlight the programs and services we offer and the overall benefits of being a Member of BC Floorball.

When you register with your local floorball club, you become part of a much larger family, all of whom share a common passion for our great game.  Floorball Canada is the national governing body for floorball in this country of which is a member of the International Floorball Federation (IFF). BC Floorball is a member of Floorball Canada and on their behalf is responsible for governing our game in British Columbia. As a member of your local club, you are connected to the organizations that develop, operate, and select male/female national floorball teams at all levels.

Member Service and Programs

  1. Floorball Development
  2. Business Development
  3. Community Development

Floorball Development

  • school demos
  • hockey assocation partnerships and demos
  • community events demos
  • community center programming
  • International exposure
  • coaching certification
  • referee certification
  • clinics, workshops, seminars, webinars

Business Development

  • Insurance
  • Affinity Programs
  • Risk Management
  • Partnerships & Sponsors
  • Funding assistance
  • Equipment sourcing

Community Development

  • AGM
  • Communications
  • Resource Center
  • Social Media Connectivity-
  • Funding- access to grants and scholarships
  • Advocacy- Liason with governments

Every Member counts and each member is directly connected, through their clubs, and PSO’s to the process by which all key National floorball decisions are made.

2012-2013 COST MATRIX

Player Members

  • $2- recreational – 100% stays in BCFF
  • $10- basic – 100% stays in BCFF
  • $20- competitive – 75% stays in BCFF 25% to FC

Volunteers/Parents/Coaches Members

  • $2

Municipal Facility/Clubs/Schools/Corporate Members

  • $50



Member Type- Elite= National and Provincial Team Players