Floorball in Schools is growing school by school, district by district.  The demand is being driven by Youth, and their parents.  Floorball sticks make playing hockey in gyms very safe, affordable, and accessible.

Floorball in Schools can be summed up best as Floor Hockey Plus.  Every School gym and every P/E teacher is very familiar with Floor Hockey and this is 90% of the equation for getting Floorball thriving in Schools.

Great for Elementary Schools, High Schools, Independent Schools and Colleges/Universities.  BC School Requirements:

Elementary – Curricular 2012


A fully stocked first aid kit must be readily accessible.

A working communication device (e.g. cell phone) must be accessible.

Determine that all equipment is safe for use.

The stick must be approved by the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and marked accordingly with the IFF sticker.

Stick length must be appropriate to the height of the student.

The blade must not have sharp edges and its hook must not exceed 30 mm.

The ball must be approved by the IFF:

  • 72mm diameter
  • weight 23g
  • hard plastic
  • 26 evenly distributed holes (e.g. similar to a whiffle ball)

Goalkeepers must not use a stick.

Goalkeeper’s net measures 160cm high and 115 cm wide.

Goalkeeper must wear:

  • IFF approved/marked face mask
  • jersey (protective)
  • long trousers

Optional goalkeeper equipment:

  • any kind of protective equipment, but this must not include parts intended to cover the goal
  • knee pads under the pants
  • padded pants
  • helmet and thin gloves.


Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn.

No jewelry.


Determine that all facilities are safe for use.

Playing surface and area must be free of all obstacles (e.g. tables, chairs, pianos) and provide sufficient traction.

Floor plugs must be in place.

Mark the goalkeeper area where no other player may play.

Special Rules/Instructions

Skills must be taught in proper progression.

Games and activities must be based on skills that are taught.

The following rules must be in place and enforced by penalties:

  • no body contact
  • no blocking/screening of opposite player
  • no stick on body contact or stick on stick contact
  • stick must remain below waist at all times (including back swing and follow through)
  • ball to be played below knee level at all times

Implement a crease for protection of goalie. No other player’s stick is allowed in the crease.

All other International Floorball Federation Rules of the game are to be followed.

Be aware of students whose medical conditions (e.g. asthma, anaphylaxis, cast, orthopaedic device) may affect participation (see generic section).


On site supervision.


At BC Floorball, we partner with Modern Hockey, Point 8 Training and Development, Team BC players, National Team players and European instructors to bring our Floorball roadshow to gyms across BC.  Our application form for our SCHOOL TOUR can be downloaded here: BCFloorballSchool-tour

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courtesy of BC Floorball and the International Floorball Federation.