Wheelchair Floorball

Wheelchair floorball from DomLub on Vimeo.

At a small coffee and bagel shop off Main Street in Vancouver, the BC Floorball Federation held it’s first planning meeting with local Wheelchair Hockey athletes Adam Frost and Hilary Brown.

The outcome was the launch of a local Wheelchair Floorball team, the organizing ¬†of Canada’s first official Wheelchair Floorball demonstration game at the Richmond Olympic Oval, and a full review of the International Wheelchair Floorball tournament circuit and Power Hockey Floorball events.

The Canadian Team will immediately start to recruit Players to play in the Prague Wheel Open this August. For more information and videos on Wheelchair Floorball Hockey, click on the links below:



Here is a clip of the Vancouver players, led by Hilary Brown, playing Wheelchair Hockey

BC Floorball is proud to be affiliated with such great athletes and we look forward to the games, the travel, the hosting opportunities at the Richmond Olympic Oval and the passion for Hockey that was shown today at the first BC Floorball Wheelchair Floorball meeting, the future looks great for this Sport in Canada.

BC Floorball