Floorball in the World Games 2017

Floorball in the World Games 2017 – 19.05.2014

The Executive Committee of the International World Games Association (IWGA) has based on the proposal of the Evaluation Committee decided to accept floorball as an official sport in the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland. The decision was taken in an IWGA meeting on the 16th of May 2014. The IFF was after a long process finally accepted as a member of the IWGA last year at the AGM of IWGA, which meant that IFF no longer could seek inclusion as a demonstration sport for the World Games in Wroclaw 2017. IFF like all the other 34 IWGA member International Federations then applied for an official spot on the program. The applications were evaluated based on the Cali 2013 World Games Evaluation Report, the compliance with the IWGA Regulations for participation and discussions with the Wroclaw Organising Committee. Based on this evaluation the IWGA EC opened the possibility for floorball to be included on the program. In April this was however still conditional, since there is no space for more athletes in the Games, so floorball could only participate if netball was not able to participate with the best possible athletes, namely the Australian and New Zealand teams. - Apparently netball has not been able to fulfil the requirements set by the IWGA and we have now received the great news that floorball has been accepted on the program of the World Games in Wroclaw with six men´s teams in August 2017. This is an objective that IFF and the whole international floorball community have worked hard on for the last years. It is a like a dream come through and proves that our sport has developed a lot in the last years and that this has been recognised by the International Sports Community, says a very happy IFF President Mr. Tomas Eriksson. Floorball will participate with six men’s teams and the final number of accreditations that floorball will receive is still not settled, but we will have to make some small adjustments to how we usually play, mostly in relation to the size of the participating team delegations. This process will be discussed during the summer and we will know the possible size of the teams by the end of August. The competition will be run during four days, so the process for building the competition format and the playing system will have to start during the upcoming months. - This is without doubt one of the most important political victories IFF has achieved after the IOC full recognition in 2011 and now we have mastered another obstacle in relation to the IOC requirements for the participation in the Olympic Games. It is extremely important that the whole community understands the value of having secured a position in a traditional multi-sport games, especially as the importance of the World Games seems to increase true the strong support given to the games by the IOC President Mr. Thomas Bach and the whole IOC administration, says Mr. John Liljelund, IFF Secretary General, and continues: - This is going to be the future test event for inclusion in the Olympic Games and/or the Youth Olympic Games and now we are there. We need to prepare our community and start thinking on how to best can showcase the sport to the World Games family and show what added value we can bring also to the other multi-sport game. World Games 2017 Promo video:   More information on the World Games: www.theworldgames.org & www.facebook.com/iwga.theworldgames

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