Floorball Hockey for Schools

Floorball for Schools 

Floorball ‘Hockey’ is a new twist on an old game called Floor Hockey.  We all know what Floor Hockey is…with the long, klunky plastic sticks, a plastic or felt puck, and a varied set of rules that changes from school district to school district.  
Floorball is a safer game, with a universal set of rules, that is Canadian Sport for Life friendly and can be played by everyone.  The rules and the equipment make it a dynamic team sport that can be enjoyed by girls and boys, wheelchair athletes and students with special needs.
Floorball is an evolution of Floor Hockey that first became popular in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic and across Europe.  It is now played by over 3 million people in over 70 countries and has been awarded International Sport Federation approval by the International Olympic Committee.
BC Floorball, founded in 2006, has been to over 500 School across BC.  We are a volunteer organization that oversees the growth and development of Floorball, with a strong emphasis on making Floorball accessible to all school gyms. To date, we have put Floorball sticks in the hands of over 10,000 students. It’s easy to start a Floorball program and is considered to be the least expensive team sport available to today’s youth.
BC Floorball is ideal for After-School programs and has been delivering cost effective programming to School Districts across BC.  
BC Floorball has launched a pilot program on the North Shore and Vancouver to kickstart High School Floorball.
BC Floorball also provides instruction, guidance, mentorship and equipment to several Independent Schools and a growing list of Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver.
BC Floorball oversees University Floorball. Floorball is part of the World University Games.
To contact BC Floorball, to enquire about equipment and arrange for a School demo, please contact info@bcfloorball.com

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