BC Floorball Teams up with Prep Camp

BC Floorball and Floorball+ are proud to announce a new partnership with Prep Camp Hockey and LGS Sports.




Through this unique partnership,  The BC Floorball Challenge will set up shop during their Summer Hockey Camps and rollout “Floorball Fridays” over 4 weeks.

Floorball+ will have a mobile Floorball equipment store and will supply the equipment.  Each Hockey Camp attendee will have an opportunity to get a Pro caliber Floorball stick.

“For several years, we have been working with the dry-land hockey trainers of Prep Camp to highlight Floorball as a fun, yet smart, cross-training system for hockey skills development”  say Greg Beaudin- President of BC Floorball “Integration in to the camps have been the hurdle, but now we have an easy-to-rollout model that can be implemented by the Camp organizing team, the Kids are going to have a blast playing Floorball…they always do.”

Nate Leslie  Director of Prep Camp LGS Sports has a totally new perspective on the sport of Floorball as he was GM and Assistant Coach of the Canadian Men’s Floorball Team last year.

“Floorball is fast, it’s technical, and at the highest levels, it’s incredibly athletic.  Its easy to understand why so many European hockey talents embrace this game.  The sticks are cool and I’ve seen how our Hockey Camp students gravitate towards them and work on their stickhandling.  Throw them in to a game, and they sweat, they have fun, and they develop an important tool set that will help them become better hockey players.” comments Nate of Leslie Global Sports.


In addition to the Prep Camp, Mike Coflin- Head Director, has been having success with his own Floorball programs through the Earl Marriott Hockey Academy where Greg Beaudin and Nate Leslie have run Floorball training sessions.

To Learn more about Floorball for Hockey Players contact info@bcfloorball.com and sign-up to attend one of our upcoming Coaches Clinics.



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