BC Floorball receives financial support to increase participation

News Release

BC Floorball receives financial support to increase participation
December 17, 2012

BC Floorball Executive Director Greg Beaudin is pleased to announce a significant BC Sport Participation Grant received from the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, administered through viaSport British Columbia.

Using these funds, BC Floorball can now introduce and activate greater participation of the sport across the province through their four main pillars: Schools, hockey associations, community centres and floorball clubs.

“It’s a thrilling twist on an old game that Canada loves,” says Beaudin. “Using new equipment, a smarter ball and a highly organized rules and development system all allow for a new, hybrid game of hockey.”

BC Floorball is a Provincial Sport Organization that aims to breathe new life into the floor and ball hockey communities. Floorball is part of a global movement to sportify indoor and outdoor iceless hockey in a fashion that is safe, affordable, accessible and dynamic for everyone.

About BC Floorball

BC Floorball has already reached over 300 schools and over 10,000 players, and is seeking to become a mainstream school sport and to successfully integrate with ice hockey skills development models. More information about the sport can be found at www.bcfloorball.com.

BC Floorball also operates wheelchairfloorball.com, juniorfloorball.com, womensfloorball.com, universityfloorball.com, floorballchallenge.ca BC Floorball is governed by a central Board of Directors and is a registered non-profit organization.

The PROJECT IS CALLED THE ZONE FLOORBALL CHALLENGE- sponsored by Gracious Living Corp. and the Renew Group

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