Start Your Floorball Programs Today!

Attention ALL Schools, Hockey Associations and Community Centers in BC

BC Floorball development partner Floorball Academy Plus has launched a new training, development and equipment supply portal:

contact to . . . → Read More: Start Your Floorball Programs Today!

July 18th, 2013 – Richmond Oval Coaches Clinic


BC Floorball and Point8 Training and Development to conduct a workshop for Summer . . . → Read More: July 18th, 2013 – Richmond Oval Coaches Clinic

TBirds Hockey Floorball Jamboree


Vancouver Thunderbirds Minor Hockey Association, in partnership with the BC Floorball Federation, are excited to announce a really fun event, upcoming on Saturday May 11- from 10am-4pm at the UBC Osborne Gym.  

First Annual T-Birds Floorball Hockey Jamboree This will be an opportunity for 6-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds to compete and have fun with Floorball, the . . . → Read More: TBirds Hockey Floorball Jamboree

Churchill School Demo

Thanks Rick for setting up the demo with the PE program at Churchill.

We look forward to a successful launch of Floorball in your program.

BC Floorball . . . → Read More: Churchill School Demo

Floorball Hockey for Schools


Floorball for Schools 

Floorball ‘Hockey’ is a new twist on an old game called Floor Hockey.  We all know what Floor Hockey is…with the long, klunky plastic sticks, a plastic or felt puck, and a varied set of rules that changes from school district to school district.  


Floorball is a safer game, with a universal set of . . . → Read More: Floorball Hockey for Schools